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Market Intelligence

What does make us different is our relationship with our customers.

Our experience in the trading arena provides a knowledge level that our competitors do not possess. Fauser Energy Resources gathers a deeper level of industry news and understanding due to the involvement with a much higher level of petroleum trading than our competitors participate in. Being active in futures trading compels one to understand the oil business from a global level all the way down to local markets.

Our job is to link the underlying petroleum product with this knowledge advantage which creates a true value-added product for our clients.

Risk Management Programs

Today’s global energy economy is best characterized as highly unpredictable. This constant change frequently creates inventory management opportunities. While this leaves energy marketing firms exposed to price risk, it does offer an opportunity to manage values to a positive outcome through risk management.

Fauser Energy Resources has been at the forefront of risk management techniques since the advent of forward pricing mechanisms. For nearly two decades, we’ve used research and price management tools as part of our market strategy. This experience enables our marketing representatives to be extremely well versed in the application of risk management programs and can add to your long-term profitability.

Contact us for a consultation to identify your individual risk management strategy. Through a solid, conservative approach, we can create a well-designed value management program that will stabilize your risk.

Inventory Management

Decades of experience, exposure to sophisticated news and information streams, and actively trading petroleum markets allow Fauser Energy Resources to create opportunity in a rapidly changing price arena. As a service to clients, inventory management has proven its value to overall profitability.

Fauser Energy Resources actively manages inventory levels and purchase decisions daily for numerous clients. Proactively adjusting inventory levels to reflect current market conditions results in reduced inventory cost, especially when compared to keep-full practices.

Experienced Marketing Representatives and powerful internal software solutions will provide a new layer of cost control to each client’s daily purchase decisions. Forward-looking strategies are employed when market conditions are conducive.

Using our services such as market intelligence, risk management programs, inventory management, competitive pricing, and electronic funds transfer, we can ease your management duties and prepare your business for a more profitable future.

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