We supply refined petroleum products used as transportation fuels, fuel oils for heating and electricity generation.  Our refined products are used to meet the everyday needs of customers engaged in any type of on-road to off-road use.  We can deliver products in reduced quantities out of our bulk plants and can load any refined product, available in the mid-continent, at third party terminals.

Map of third party terminals in the mid-continent

Refined Products SDS available in downloadable PDF format
  • Nolead
  • Premium Nolead
  • #2 Ultra Low Sulfur
  • #1 Ultra Low Sulfur
  • Premium Diesel
  • Propane
  • Diesel
  • K-1 Kerosene
  • Avgas
  • Jet Fuel
  • Soy Biodiesel
  • Oil

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  • Sunoco
  • Methonal

Field & Fleet

Field & Fleet is in a category by itself. Seasonally adjusted, it’s formulated for maximum performance in the unique conditions that warm and cold weather can bring. Its incorporation of many beneficial additives will also improve a variety of engine aspects from fuel economy to the overall engine life.

Heavy-duty detergent and dispersant. This leads to cleaner injectors and enabled Field & Fleet to pass the Cummins L-10 test.

Increased cetane. With a higher cetane level, Field & Fleet yields more power, reduced maintenance costs, and extends the life of fuel injectors and fuel pumps.

Lubricity protection. Field & Fleet exceeds John Deere & Stanadyne requirements for added lubricity in a low sulfur fuel. It contains Lyvan with soy oil for reduced wear on fuel system components in low sulfur fuels.

Strong Metal Deactivator. This protects in areas where yellow metals may come into contact with fuel.

Advanced oxidation inhibitors. These vastly reduce the rate of oxidation in fuels where elevated temperatures occur.


  • Premium Nolead
  • #2 Ultra Low Sulfur
  • #1 Ultra Low Sulfur
  • Clear gas
  • Ethanol Blends
  • Premium Diesel
    – Field & Fleet

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